Sunday, January 20, 2013

12/9/12 Hebrews 2:1-4 How Shall we Escape if we Neglect our Salvation?

How did this salvation come to us?
How was this salvation confirmed in us?

12/16/12 "How Can a Sinner be Accepted by God?"

Some questions addressed in this sermon:: How is this possible, this union with God and man? What does it look like when a sinner marries the saviour?

11/18/12 An Introduction of Hebrews

Fred Malone begins a new evening series in the book of Hebrews.

11/11/12 Hosea 2:14-23 "I Will Betrothed Thee Unot Me Forever"

Allen Beardmore preaches a wedding announcement passage of a promise that we will be married to Christ in heaven. We see this picture of how God resues a nation: an adulteress nation, an unfaithful nation, and how he betrothed himself to her.

10/14/12 Mark 5 A Prince of Peace Who Saved a Demoniac

A Summary of this passage.

12/30/12 1 Timothy 4:12 Be an Example in Words

In this message from Mitch Axsom, we are encouraged to remember that life and death is in the power of the tongue. We are taught three ways we can grow in the use of the tongue.

12/23/12 Luke 2:1-20 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ

Three topics:
1. What was the message the angels bring shepherds?
2. Why did God choose these shepherds?
3. How did they respond to the good news?

12/16/12 Luke 2:1-20 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ and the Sovereignty of God

Points covered:
1. God does not sin nor does he tempt anyone to sin.
2. God does allow evil men to live in this world and to make choices according to their sinful nature.'s%20Merciful%20Grace/121216%20Lesson%202%20Scriptural%20and%20Historical%20Background%20Part%202.mp3

12/9/12 Luke 1:26-49 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: Jesus Christ--Fully God and Fully Man

The history of this belief: Jesus Christ being fully God and fully Man is discussed along with the importance of this doctrine in the Christian's life.

12/2/12 Philippians 2:3-11 and Luke 1:26-38 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: The Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ

In this message Dr. Fred Malone looks at the heart of humility in Jesus giving up all. He looks at the virgin conception and the virgin birth and the wonder of the incarnation.

11/25/12 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: Phillipians 3:1-14 The Work of the Holy Spirit in Conversion

Two questions are addressed:
1. What does conversion mean?
2. What happens to the new Christian in conversion?

11/18/12 Acts 26:6-21 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: The Proper Order of Regeneration and Conversion

In this message, Fred Malone focuses on clearing up the confusion about regeneration. Two questions are discussed: What is the relationship between Holy Spirit regeneration and the sinners conversion? And, what happens between regeneration and conversion.