Saturday, August 12, 2017

8/06/17 Genesis 1:26-28, 4:19-24, 6:5 "God's Mission: Creating a People of Worshippers"

God's mission from the beginning was to glorify himself in creating a people who know him and are known by Him. This message is an overview of sorts of that mission in: creation, the fall, in redemption and in restoration.

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7/30/17 "What do the Scriptures Teach About the 9th Commandment?

Going through quite a few verses in scripture to see what the bible says about the 9th Commandment.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

7/23/17 Exodus 20:16 "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness"

A look at the unchanging character of God.

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7/23/17 Genesis 37 "The Story of Joseph and his Brothers: An Unhealthy Relationship"

What is an unhealthy relationship? It is important to be able to recognize one, not only for yourself (because it is not OK to be in such a relationship), and to be able to help others who you might believe are in such a relationship. Also, it is good to gauge your own actions, and see whether you are treating someone harmfully.

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7/16/17 Matthew 20:25-28 "What is it be be a Servant in Christ's Kingdom?"

1. Who does the world say is greatest among them?
2. Who is it that Christ says is greatest in His
3. What does Christ say we should do to be a great
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7/16/17 John 7:14-24 "Knowing True and False Teaching"

Where did the teaching of Jesus Christ come from? How do we know if the teaching of Jesus is true?

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