Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Isaiah 6 "He Has Blinded Their Eyes and Hardened Their Hearts"

It is a fearful thing and a wonderful thing to hear the gospel. It is fearful for people to continue in hearing God's salvation and yet do nothing with it. This message by Mitch Axsom warns individuals: "today, if you hear His voice, harden not your heart."

Ezekiel "The Promises of God Found in Ezekiel"

There are many promise of God found in Ezekiel. Promises of redemption, forgiveness and restoration. Here is a summary of those promises and a guide on how to study and understand them.

Ezekiel "An Overview of the Prophesies of Ezekiel"

Ezekiel was called to bring God's word to the people and God promised to give His words. This message outlines those words spoken to Israel. It also explains how to interpret prophesies using the New Testament as your foundation for understanding them.

Ezekiel "An Overview of the Book of Ezekiel"

This is a quick overview of the book of Ezekiel with the purpose of helping the listener read this book and understand its message.

Jeremiah "Study of the Ministry of Jeremiah Through the Protection of God"

This message is a quick summary of the Ministry of Jeremiah and how God protected him throughout, along with lessons we can learn.